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- Cherish every moment Savour every emotion -


My name is Yukiko Wilson.  I am originally from Japan and currently living in Wales, UK.

One of my aunts was an enamel artist and I would visit her studio when I was little.  This might be the unconscious catalyst for my work with Shippo (enamel), a longstanding artisan craft of Japan.  However it wasn't till many years later that after being inspired by the work of French artist, René Lalique, I started learning enamelling and metalsmithing.

I’m fascinated by the potential of enamel and the diversity of the effects  that can be created by using a medium whose method of production hasn’t changed since the Egyptians’ first worked with enamel thousands of years ago.  

I find the idea of using ancient techniques to create new pieces of work, very romantic, forging a connection between me as an enameller and all those before me down the centuries, who worked to master the craft. 

Born to a family running a traditional handcrafted kimono business in Tokyo, I have always been familiar with the historic Japanese design.  These designs often represent auspicious symbols, which even today, continue to have an almost spiritual hold over Japanese people.  Whilst I’m inspired by anything I encounter in life, my work has been heavily influenced by Japanese culture.

If my work could bring even a slightest feeling of freedom, peace, belief , courage, confidence or rejoicing for someone’s life, then I would be most honoured.

My work is available at EMOSIWN Etsy Shop.