Quince Season


Hello, everyone! I hope you are well? People have been really excited about the Rugby World Cup in Japan. Lots of people, especially here in Wales have been impressed by the Japanese performance.

It’s been raining a lot recently but it had been quite warm, however the last few days have been chilly.

It’s now a quince season and some beautiful quinces arrived from our friends’ garden. To celebrate I’d like to share some photos of quince recipes I took last year.

皆さま、こんにちは。お元気ですか? ラグビーワールドカップが盛り上がっていますね。ウェールズはラグビーの国。こちらでも日本の素晴らしい試合の感動が届いています。カーディフは雨続きで暖かでしたが、ここ数日ぐっと冷え込んでいます。


quince 餅尾とフルーツチーズ.JPG
quince 花梨 フルーツチーズ2.JPG

Firstly, I used some quince to made some fruit cheese. I was browsing the web thinking about what I could make when I found the recipe, I was instantly fascinated with the name. After I made it, I left it to mature in the fridge for 4-6 weeks. I was expecting a more jelly-like texture but it stayed quite soft. It was a very unique chewy sweet with a very distinctive strong flavour.


quince 檸檬ポーチド花梨1.JPG
quince 檸檬ポーチド花梨2.JPG

Absolute Quince Heaven – poached in lemon juice, served hot with strong Danish Blue cheese on my favourite plate from Robyn Cove Pottery. This is ridiculously delicious, a twisted recipe from Nigel Slater. The recipe is here.



Quince is such a fragrant fruit, I just love it. We now have one growing in a pot in the garden – bought from one of the Rare Plant Fairs we visit. I can’t wait for it to fruit.



An autumn cornucopia from Mari and Thomas in Penarth, South Wales.

The 24 Seasons is ‘Autumn Equinox’ and the 72 Micro Seasons is ‘Farmers Drain Fields’.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog! Have a lovely weekend ♫

二十四節気は秋分。72候 は水始涸 (みずはじめてかるる)。稲刈りの準備の為に、田んぼの水を抜く時期との事。



I can’t help making this, Magritte series #5 - I have Grapefruit, Apple, Melon, Mango and this Quince.

これはマグリットシリーズ - グレープフルーツ、林檎、メロン、マンゴー、そして花梨。果物をみると、どうしてもやりたくなってしまいます。